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Sunday Tidy-up brings People Together

Neighbours in the Hilton Street by Street group got together recently for their annual litter clean-up and afternoon tea with some great outcomes for the participants and the environment.

The group of nine adults, seven kids and two dogs dispersed across the neighbourhood and in just over half an hour, eleven bags of rubbish, two mattresses and a shopping trolley were picked up from the streets and lane ways. Then it was time to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea together on this sunny Sunday afternoon.

During the afternoon, a number of the participants agreed to be part of a video for a new Street by Street Project promotional clip and shared their thoughts on belonging to our neighbourhood group and the benefits of being involved. The video is still in the making so we will keep you posted when it’s ready to view.

Some of the comments so far suggest the group has been a positive experience for many…

“We get to trust each other more when we get to know each other …” Mia 10 years old

” Coming from England and not knowing anyone, we were invited to participate in the group and we really enjoyed getting to know our neighbours. Now everyone says hello and it’s lovely!” Steff

If you want to try this type of gathering in your neighbourhood, see How to run a community litter clean up and give it a go!

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