The Neighbourhood Connect Network

The Neighbourhood Connect Network brings together neighbourhood groups started with the support of Neighbourhood Connect and established groups across Australia, all part of a movement to create happier, more connected neighbourhoods.

Membership is free and open to all like-minded groups who connect in person. We reached our milestone of 50 groups, covering all States and Territories, in the Network by the end of 2018, but we are keen to build a movement and want your help to make it happen. We can help you to start your own local group, or link your existing neighbourhood group to the Neighbourhood Connect Network. Contact us for more information or to get in touch with any of the groups below.

Read about our Groups in Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia, New South Wales, Tasmania, Northern Territory and Canberra ACT


Bayswater Neighbours Group, Vic

Bayswater Neighbours Group Vic
Bayswater Group

Despite being more than a little hesitant, Irene’s assurances I would enjoy the process of forming a group were indeed true! We had 13 people turn up and word of mouth has already lead to three enthusiastic newcomers coming on board. We had a range of ages with one person in their 80’s and a few people in their 30’s. Within an hour of meeting everyone, I had two fellow Connectors and one couple offered their yard for the next gathering! It was also fantastic to hear some of the history of the area, the days of orchards and ‘knowing everyone in your street’ – here’s to bringing some of that back!” Bec

Burwood East Neighbours Group, Vic

With a mix of people who have lived in the area for decades but who didn’t know others in the area to international students wanting to connect and missing the sense of community they had back home, this group plans to bring people together.

Vintage Car Club, McCrae, Vic

My husband and I distributed invitations to 60 homes in our street inviting everyone to our home. Nineteen people came with 7 more expressing interest for future events. We mingled and I gave a short ‘presentation’ on the purpose of our get-together and the Street by Street project. Everyone was very enthusiastic and wanted to continue. They all saw it as a very positive move and were keen to instill some community spirit into our neighbourhood. We will have a BYO barbecue dinner here at my home in December for our Christmas Break-up (which got a lot of laughs as we have only had one meeting!!) and will invite a local Travel Agent along to our meeting In January to talk to us about travelling. A few people offered to organise future activities and to host our meetings in their homes on a rotational basis. I think our little group has a very bright future.” The club is so named because local streets are named after English vintage cars.

West Footscray Neighbours Group, Vic

Caitlin had just moved to the area and knew nobody so she invited everyone nearby to a picnic in a local park. About 30 people turned up. Lots of people with children!

Hampton Village Neighbours Group, Vic

The Urchin Bar filled up with neighbours who formed Hampton Village Neighbours Group. Maura stepped up to be a connector and further social activities have been planned.

Elwood Village People, Vic

Robyn brought her neighbours together and they formed Elwood Village People, the second group in Elwood. They are having get togethers and helping one another – thanks to help from neighbours, a single mother is able to study as they are happy to look after her baby. That sort of support is life changing.

Ivanhoe Street by Street Group, Vic

Trupti and Meg started their Ivanhoe Street by Street group, with a Neighbour Day picnic in the park in March, attended by 11 adults and 5 kids. Everyone brought some food to share and had a great time. They are keen to continue.

Callaway Park 3020 Community Group, Sunshine West, Vic

We had an amazing first gathering. The invitations were letterbox dropped and about 35 people showed up for a picnic at the local park. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was so pleased to have our community finally sprouting. One of the participants works as a professional facepainter, and she set up her face painting station under a tree in the playground and all the kids lined up to get their faces coloured up. It was so spontaneous and beautiful. Everyone was enthusiastic about continuing with the group and a couple of people have volunteered to join me in being community connectors. Our next events will be an Easter Egg Hunt and then a barbecue.” Carolina Isfer.

Albert Park Street by Street Group, Vic

Albert Park neighbours met over brunch and formed the Albert Park Street by Street Group, with a team of four connectors. They plan to picnic in the local park and meet at cafes, possibly tackling issues like smoking in outdoor cafes and considering how to help the disadvantaged people in their area.

Elsternwick Street by Street Group, Vic

Residents of Elsternwick responded to an invitation to meet at a local cafe. Discovering great neighbours they were keen to connect regularly, thus starting the Elsternwick Street by Street Group.

Parsons Reserve Sunshine Neighbours Group, Vic

Jodie and Michelle started Parsons Reserve Sunshine Neighbours Group, kicking off with a Neighbour Day long lunch attended by over 80 people. They have 40 neighbours on their email list and plan to organise regular social gatherings and a book club.

Belgrave Neighbours Group, Vic

Jonathan Rutherford in started with a casual get together with his neighbours at a local cafe in Belgrave. Everyone was enthusiastic about the concept and they found they had similar interests and ideas about how it could progress. They will have a picnic in a park next.

St Kilda Junction Street by Street Group, Vic

Lyn started the St Kilda Junction Street by Street Group with a gathering at a British Pub. Some had lived in the area for over 30 years without knowing many people. People were interested in getting to know more locals and in helping others.

St Kilda West Neighbours Group, Vic

Barb and Clare kicked off the St Kilda West Neighbours Group at a cafe overlooking the bay. Neighbours were keen to continue connecting with barbecues, walks and pot luck dinners. Two year on they are still going strong.

Green Knoll Neighbours Group, Vic

29 St Kilda neighbours met up at the popular local Dog’s Bar. This expanded the existing St Kilda neighbours group to a membership of over 100 people, living on The Esplanade, Acland St and surrounding streets. The group is called the Green Knoll Neighbours Group. They have monthly dinners at various local venues. Members have their own choir, walk together, see live music, talks and shows together and help one another.

Arrandale Neighbours Group, Vic

Irene Opper, in St Kilda, initiated a morning tea for Neighbour Day, inviting everyone in her apartment building. This started the Arrandale Neighbours Group. Pat agreed to share the role of community connector, and neighbours have been connecting over regular morning teas, barbecues and at local cafes.

Tip Top Neighbours Group, East Brunswick, Vic

A group of neighbours in the Tip Top complex formed a social group.

Ruskin Park Neighbours Group, Croydon, Vic

Jane Monk says: “My husband and I started 5 years ago with posting simple invites in the letterboxes in our street – and hey presto we had 20 people rock up to an afternoon tea outside our place. We have them twice a year – and it has transformed the experience of living in our street. I feel I am in a community. I love my neighbourhood – we have such a great group of talented and generous people that I would not have known if we hadn’t started street gatherings 5 years ago.”

Ruskin Park Resident’s Action Group (RPRAG), Croydon, Vic

Formed as a result of the Ruskin Park Neighbours Group, the RPRAG is playing a role in harnessing the voice of the neighbourhood to provide some balance in the equation, as the area has been targeted by developers.

Flannery Court Friends and Neighbours, Oak Park, Vic

John and Phil started a yearly Christmas party at the cul de sac at the end of Flannery Court over 50 years ago. Glenn and Chris took over 20 years ago and have kept the tradition going. Everyone gets together for a yarn around a fire drum on the road at the end of the Court, with Santa joining the festivities each year.

Co-Create Cremorne, Vic

Co Create Cremorne is a community network of people who are helping take forward some community-led and community-generated ideas for the common good. It’s mainly about public space and based on what people love about Cremorne and what they feel is needed. 200 people came to their crowdfunded street party in 2017 and they are working on creating an exciting community space. See or

3182 Beach Patrol, St Kilda, Vic

We are a local community group that meets on a monthly basis to remove litter from St Kilda’s beaches and heighten public awareness of the litter problem. To join see or

Love Our Street 3183 & 3185, Ripponlea, Vic

Jill Sokol leads this group, as well as the Elwood group. We come together as a community to keep Ripponlea clean and prevent litter entering the bay. We are committed to keeping our community beautiful and promoting litter awareness. We have a monthly clean-up and a cuppa afterwards. See

Love Our Street 3184, Elwood, Vic

We come together as a community to keep Elwood clean and prevent litter entering the bay. We are committed to keeping our community beautiful and promoting litter awareness. We have a monthly clean-up and a cuppa afterwards. For more info see our Facebook page or email Jill Sokol at

Love Our Street 3030, Wyndham, Vic

Our Street 3030 aims to bring people together as a community to look after our environment in Wyndham, to keep our streets beautifully clean and stop litter getting into our creeks, canals, on to beach or in the ocean. We aim to support the work of Beach Patrol by dealing with litter close to the source. On the morning of the fourth Sunday of the month we meet at one of our local shopping streets, parks and gardens or area of significant litter for a clean-up. Please contact us to get involved. FB eNews

Condell Growers & Sharers, Fitzroy, Vic

Condell Growers & Sharers is a community garden comprising 36 vegetable plots located in Condell Street, Fitzroy. The garden is maintained by local residents – providing access to fresh food and encouraging sustainability.

Love Our Street 3207, Port Melbourne, Vic

Our volunteers meet once a month to clean local streets and places around Port Melbourne of plastic litter. It is a sister group to the Beachpatrol 3207 group that cleans beaches in Port Melbourne.

Transition Wyndham, Vic

Transition Wyndham is a network of community members, who are inspired to reimagine and rebuild our world.We offer monthly catch-ups – a space for people to come together and discuss what inspires them, what they would like to see more of and a mechanism to support great community work. We are involved in many different projects, including the Buy Nothing Project, where in Wyndham we have 5 different groups to cater for the whole community. We are also commencing get-togethers for our Buy Not Groups. Let’s learn and love life together. And check us out or enquiries Lisa 0433 559 530.

Western Australia

Hilton Heights Neighbours Group, WA

Maureen Maher, in Hilton, brought her neighbours together for a litter clean-up of their area and a Christmas gathering, informally discussing the idea of becoming a Street by Street Group. Since then they have had a number of social gatherings, clean ups, progressive dinners and a bake-off. With a successful crowdfunding campaign, members have transformed their local park.

Sorrento Street by Street Group, WA

Sarah Maiden kicked off the group, with a very successful first gathering of thirty enthusiastic neighbours coming together. It was a fun evening of getting to know each other over a sausage sizzle, cheese and crackers, and some wine. Since then, all the neighbours have self-organised and get together in their homes and the street for regular gatherings.

Success Neighbours Group, Success,WA

“Our gathering in the park went off beautifully. About 45 people came along. We had a lot of people who said that this is something they had always wanted to do but never got around to doing it. They also spoke of what else we could do together –some have already begun planning a Christmas event.” Colin Craggs

East Fremantle Neighbours Group, WA

Wendy started the East Fremantle group , with a picnic in the park and art activities for the kids. Twenty eight people came along and quarterly community events have been held since to bring the community together to meet with a focus on service to others-a clean-up, donations to local charities and food drives.

Cottesloe Neighbours, WA

Jane, in Cottesloe, gave away books she no longer needed to her neighbours as a way to start informal discussions on the idea of getting to know one another. They are now very neighbourly in her area.

Samson Friends, Samson, WA

Connie joined the Garden Party Collective Project and as a result, brought 85 neighbours together at the first event in her local park in Samson, Western Australia and now meet quarterly.
“I feel proud I was able to get people together to become friends…everyone wants to feel connected, they just need and opportunity to come together. People came, shared food, showed community spirit and that they want to be part of the community.” Since the first gathering a wonderful group of neighbours have joined with Connie to ensure the sustainability of the group, have already coordinated a second event on Neighbour Day and a date is set for a winter gathering in the park. Connie says …”I’d recommend others give it a try…getting to know each other builds trust and friendship, and that can make you feel more comfortable and connected where you live”.

White Gum Valley Community Orchard & friends, WA

Nan Maria arranged an event in her local park as part of the Garden Party Collective project, and neighbours came to get to know each other and be entertained by a local a cappella group. Following it’s success Nan Maria joined forces with the White Gum Valley Community Orchard(WGVCO) to work together for the next event, an olive picking day followed by a long table lunch in the olive grove at another local park. More than 30 people enjoyed a shared lunch, were entertained by local accordian player and had a lovely afternoon of chat, sunshine and good food. The WGVCO continues to hold regular planting days and events and encourages locals to grow, harvest, cook with shared recipes and then eat produce from the fruit trees they planted with their own hands.

Davies Street Community, Fremantle

“We as residents of Davies Street are embracing the evolving diversity of our street with gusto. With the support of The Henry Project Re-imagine Your Street we are now energised with filling our street with positive activity and claiming ownership of common spaces.  As small street of less than 30 houses, diversity characterises Davies Street. Century old workers cottages, well designed social housing, mid-century brick and tile, an Aboriginal Elders housing co-operative and architecturally designed contemporary homes surrounded by majestic trees are home to residents across generations and cultures. Bi-monthly pizza parties are our street’s specialty.  Fruit tree planting, a street library and a petition to the City of Fremantle to convert the sump into a pocket park are other street projects, and many impromptu and informal get togethers keep us connected.” Elizabeth, group Connector.

Broadbeach Boulevard (Hillarys) Neighbours Group, WA

Neighbours in Broadbeach Boulevard get together for drinks and help one another.


D’Bay Neighbours Group, Deception Bay, Qld

Brodie invited neighbours to a barbecue at their local park and the D’Bay Street by Street Group was born. They hold regular ‘Music by the Bay’ events where members perform for the group.

Nobby Country Morning Tea, Nobby, Queensland

Every first Saturday of the month neighbours in the small country town of Nobby in Queensland get together. It’s a market where people bring produce to swap, recipe ideas, books, handmade small dog items, budgies & cockatiels, herbs, cakes, artisan-made jewellery. There are talks on topics like ‘Simple Living’ and a Men’s shed.

All Aboard Marooka, Qld

Carolyn and 10 of her neighbours came together to facilitate neighbours connecting. They’ve formed All Aboard Marooka with 200 locals coming to their first event in a local park. They have held regular park events since then, with dancing demonstrations, dog washing, kids activities and swapping things.

Spring-dale Garden Club, Springwood / Rochedale, Qld

The club became a reality in 1982 with the name coming from the suburb names, Springwood and Rochedale. Planting for Pleasure is the club’s motto. Monthly meetings feature a Competition Bench, Trade Table (lots of cheap plants!) and a guest speaker. Coach trips are held monthly and members visit local points of interest and a nursery or two!

Teneriffe Locals Club, Brisbane, Qld

The Teneriffe Locals Club (TLC) – is a group of great, friendly, people who come together at least once a week for a walk and dinner in the local community. The group was set up by Jayne Ashworth two years ago from a passion to build a local community of friends in the Teneriffe area of Brisbane. See or

South Australia

Mitchell Park Neighbours Group, SA

For the last 10 years, neighbours in Flinders Court have held barbecues at the end of their cul-de-sac. With support from Junction Australia, people from 52 units in their housing complex are regularly invited to neighbour get togethers.

North Adelaide Neighbours Group, SA

John Baxter and partner Michelle, in North Adelaide, took the first step and contacted 100 neighbours, finding 15 willing to help organise activities and many more happy to come along to picnics and other events. They now have regular movie nights.

Glenelg East Neighbours Group, SA

Julia Henwood’s invitation brought out 20 neighbours in Glenelg East keen to connect and do more together in the new year.

New South Wales

Team Colyton, NSW

Team Colyton was kicked off by Penrith Council’s Neighbourhood Renewal Team in August 2015. Since then residents have worked together to improve their neighbourhood. They’ve had many social events, barbecues, yearly Carols, health awareness events and have planted more trees along their streets.


Margate Community Gardens, Margate, Tasmania

Margate Community Gardens endeavour to promote a communal spirit, and wholistic health and wellbeing, via informal education in organic gardening, nutrition, and sustainability.

Northern Territory

Lakeside Drive Community Garden, Alawa, NT

Lakeside Drive Community Garden is a welcoming space where all members of the community can come together to share skills, local and traditional knowledge and innovative ways of living sustainably.

Rapid Creek Neighbours Group, Darwin NT

Residents of O’Keefe and Becker Places responded to an invitation from two residents late in 2018 to meet at the small park at the end of the street. Great connections were made and one resident remarked that it was the first gathering of neighbours in over 20 years! A second gathering was held early in the new year with invitations extended to adjoining streets and as a result some neighbours have started swapping produce. More events are planned in coming months.

Canberra ACT

Weston Street by Street Group, ACT

Our first group in ACT was initiated by Street by Street Project Team member, Clare, who brought her neighbours together in a local park in Weston. Claire said “Lauren from Woden Community Service kindly supported us to kick this off. About 25 people came along. We had a great time while the kids played, and decided to get together in the park every couple months from now on. We’re running into people we now know and connecting up individually as well. I’m glad I bit the bullet to connect with my neighbours.”