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Please help us combat loneliness in our suburbs and create happier neighbourhoods.

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Join the Neighbourhood Connect Movement. You can kick off a neighbourhood event or start a group, join the network with your established group, volunteer or support us.

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The NC Network


The Neighbourhood Connect Network brings together like-minded groups across Australia, all part of a movement to create happier, more connected neighbourhoods.

Research from Australia and around the world demonstrates that

Social connections are the antidote to anxiety and depression

Our Impact

We have a commitment to evaluation because it’s important to have and share evidence that what we do makes a difference.


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What they're saying about Neighbourhood Connect

I am mightily impressed with the Neighbourhood Connect initiative – it’s a particularly good example of the positive action that can be taken to deal with the malaise of social fragmentation, isolation, loneliness and anxiety.
Hugh Mackay AO
Social Researcher and Author

Neighbourhood Connect is a national community organisation

which helps people across Australia create neighbourhood groups to encourage happier, safer and more connected communities. Because life is better when we belong.