About the Garden Party Collective

The Garden Party Collective is an exciting project implemented in Fremantle, WA late 2017 and 2018. The project aimed to bring together all generations living in the area, who were otherwise short of company during the working week, by creating a network of neighbourhood groups with younger seniors as Community Connectors and was funded by the Department of Communities Age-Friendly Communities Innovation and Implementation Grants Program.

Collaborators the Street by Street Project, Know Your Nation and the City of Fremantle were pleased that the project promoted integration across ages and cultures and helped build a stronger sense of community for those who participated. See the GPC Report Presentation.

Why Garden Party Collective?

The Community Connectors were inspired to organise a range of simple, friendly gatherings for people in their neighbourhood. We chose ‘The Garden Party Collective’ as our project title so that each gathering maintains that relaxed, welcoming feeling that you get when you first arrive at a garden party. When planning a gathering, Community Connectors were encouraged to include a reference to a garden party theme, no matter how small. This could be that the gathering was held outside, or included activities often found at garden parties, or was even an inside event but included beautiful flowers as decorations! Gatherings could be anything from an afternoon to tea, book swap, and music/entertainment.

Pilot Details

A series of workshops were held in South Fremantle late in 2017 and brought together an enthusiastic group of community members, all interested in strengthening their sense of community and meeting new people.  The workshops explored a range of topics around creating happier neighhbourhoods and provided skills for participants to start their own neighbourhood groups. During the process the participants split into three neighbourhood areas and began planning a series of two events for each groups, to be completed by May 2018. Groups were provided with a range of support including: administrative, project management  support and financial support to run events and be used towards food, decorations or entertainment.

What’s happened so far?

The workshops brought together a creative and interesting group from the local community…











In response, participants went ahead and started planning their own neighbourhood gatherings with a garden party theme.

One wonderful long table dinner was held in the Fremantle Brennan Street Community…

20171202_190101 20171202_190052 20171202_192824 20171202_184900






Pat, Ruth, Asanga, Simone and a team of helpers invited locals to gather for mid-week music making at Tuckfield Park in Fremantle…

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 and a follow up event brought locals together for a Neighbour Day sausage sizzle.

tuckfield-sausage-sizzle-some-of-the-gang tuckfield-sausage-sizzle-meeting-new-neighbours-copy tuckfield-sausage-sizzle-harvey-frank

tuckfield-sausage-sizzle-early-birds tuckfield-sausage-sizzle-frank






Nan Maria brought in local acapella group Summerhouse to entertain the neighbours at her local park and hall in White Gum Valley…



20180211_184516 20180211_185826 20180211_191303






and in a follow up event, partnered with the White Gum Valley Orchard for Olive picking and a long table lunch.

20180429_135640 20180429_125402 20180429_125526 20180429_135601 20180429_135618 20180429_140814 20180429_141118 20180429_141456






Connie invited the locals and 85 people came to share pizza in the park in Samson and …












 a rainy day didn’t deter a follow up gathering to celebrate Neighbour Day in the park.

20180325_165840 20180325_165822 img_4049






and the Hilton community launched their new pocket park and celebrated over pizza.

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More than 400 people have participated in events arranged by Garden Party Collective volunteers. Thanks to all for your energy and enthusiasm to embrace stronger community connections. Email to find out more.