Neighbourhood Connect

How to Start A Group

Just beginning! New Connector Kathleen shares her story about meeting neighbours for the first time to invite them to her event.

First event down and on the way! Letty and Nigel brought neighbours together for a small event and are already getting to know new people in the neighbourhood.

What can be created! Established Green Knoll Neighbours group in St Kilda run regular events and create opportunities for connecting and growing, including the successful  ‘Made in St Kilda’ event! What could you create in your community?

Why start a neighbour group now?


Despite the Covid-19 pandemic changing our lives in many ways, physical distancing does not mean we have to disconnect from others.

In fact, now more than ever we need to stay socially connected. Humans are naturally social and many of us do better when we feel a part of a community. When people are stuck at home and feeling isolated, having local support can make a big difference.

Being the person to get a group started can make you feel happier too and you’re likely to find many like-minded others in your street who will come on board to make your group a success!


A neighbour group can offer support, practical help and friendship and the social connections the group provides may help to ease feelings of isolation and loneliness. Once neighbours have joined you, the group members might:

  • Organise regular face to face get togethers so people can get to know each other.
  • Share information on what’s happening in the neighbourhood, share tools and skills and much more.

Step 1: Register your street here

When you register, you can join a free online webinar or get one to one free support from other Connectors. (The information you share is not shared with anyone outside of Neighbourhood Connect for any other purpose). Register your street here.

Step 2: Prepare your invitation and plan your event

Download an invitation template to suit your needs or design your own, complete your invitation details and print off.
Include details on: Where? Café, park, your front yard or another local venue? What? Make sure you include those details on the invitation, so people know what to expect. BYO drinks and a small plate of food to share if you are meeting in a park or casual location. Or if in a cafe, everyone pays for their own.

Step 3: Deliver to letter boxes or doorknock

To ensure that the process is manageable, we suggest starting just with your street or neighbours within a five- minute walk from your home. Feedback from Connectors suggest the more personal approach of door knocking shows a much bigger response than letter drop alone. To stay safe, make sure you follow the health and safety information before you head out.

Step 4: Hold your event

Look out for other interested people to help you on the day as you are door knocking. Keep the event simple, be welcoming, have name tags and encourage introductions. If you need help to plan your event, please ask us for help at Take your Neighbour Contact list with you.

Step 5. Keep in touch and share your stories

Share your event stories and pictures with us and join the Neighbourhood Connect Network of other groups around Australia.

If you register at our site, you will be invited to join a free webinar and we will call you in the weeks after to check in and offer support. Email for more details us at Neighbourhood Connect any time if you need some ideas or advice. We will be happy to guide you.