Neighbourhood Connect

Neighbourhood Connect has a new home

Neighbourhod Connect has a new home!

Dear Neighbourhood Connect friends,


After nearly 10 years of supporting Australians to connect with neighbours and start their own neighbour groups, Neighbourhood Connect is closing its (virtual) doors. We want to send a heartfelt thanks to all our friends and partners and the many volunteers on our support team who have supported us along the way.

We have been humbled to witness sometimes reluctant local Connectors making a difference in their streets and neighbourhoods. From nervous door knocks to fun first gatherings, group members have not only shared local knowledge and simple neighbourly support, but along the way, created lasting and trusting friendships and created more friendly neighbourhoods!

At the heart of our approach has been building strong relationships with those who live around us, because we know how these connections can combat loneliness, increase safety and improve our health and wellbeing.

We are very excited to announce that Neighbourhood Connect will be handed over to our friends at Relationships Australia, who run Neighbours Everyday.

We hope they will secure the resources to roll out the Neighbourhood Connect community building process far and wide and make good use of our Training and Mentoring program, resources and our learnings. 


We hope you continue to stay connected by subscribing to Neighbours Everyday via this link to keep updated on what comes next.


We wish you connection, belonging and friendships in your neighbourhood.


Relationships Australia Neighbour Day is coming up on 31st March.  Make this a day to start connecting or reconnecting with those who live around you and start creating the type of neighbourhood you want to belong to!