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Know more Neighbours by the end of 2017

Meet more neighbours this year – start now!

The approaching summer season is a great time to bring your neighbours together and we’re outlining  the simple steps to make it easy. If you’re one of those who have had great intentions to connect more in 2017 but still haven’t taken the plunge …try keeping it simple and start with just one gathering. Ideally, find a friend or neighbour to help to make it even easier. Here’s the steps to make it happen:

  1. Choose a local park, front porch, front lawn, cafe or suitable spot to gather with your neighbours.
  2. Pick a suitable day and time-consider a weekend or times that you think more people might participate. Some Street by Street groups have found 6pm on a Sunday in summer a popular time to meet.
  3. Make use of the free invitation templates and add your details to customise your event. Get people to bring their own food to share, drinks and a chair if needed.
  4. Do a letter drop in your local streets (remember not everyone will respond so you might need to drop 100-200 letters to get 10-20 people respond).
  5. On the day, set up a table, have some music, name tags so people can learn each others names and get ready to welcome people for a chat. You never know who you might meet!
  6. If you need help, contact us and we will be happy to talk you through any of the steps and if this gathering results in the birth of a neighbour group, please let us know!

Sharing the love

If you are gathering a group of neighbours or friends together this festive season, why not consider making giving part of the event? East Fremantle Community Connector Wendy (pictured right delivering donations) has asked her neighbours to bring along a gift to distribute to a local men’s charity. Socks (in winter) and thongs and hats (for summer) have been gratefully received by St Pats Community Support Centre. Here are some ideas for your group to consider.

News from the West

In Perth, Street by Street Project Coordinator Maureen Maher has been partnering with the City of Fremantle and Know your Nation to create the Garden Party Collective, a project to start neighbourhood groups during the working week. A dynamic group from the community have been meeting weekly to get to know each other, gather skills and create their very own garden party, with funding to support two neighbourhood events in the next six months. The emphasis is on creating welcoming events that support some of the more vulnerable people in the community to participate. We look forward to reporting on how the events unfold as they kick off later this month.

Street by Street keeps on growing

The Street by Street network of neighbour groups is continually growing as the word spreads. Most are groups that we have helped get going (and help from time to time if they need it).

Other groups have been connecting in their own way and have joined the network because we all share the goal of revitalising the norm of community life in our streets. People are meeting fantastic neighbours they never knew were there, and people are sharing things and helping each other. That’s what it’s all about – life is better when we’re connected. There are now 28 groups in Vic, WA, Qld, SA and most recently, ACT. To read about the groups, go to Joining a Group at

Love the idea? Take action by encouraging people to contact us for help to bring their neighbours together and / or join our national project team to contribute to promoting this far and wide (we have no shortage of ideas, just need more people to help from the comfort of your own home). Contact Irene Opper, Project Manager, on 0413 706 233 or

Please follow us on Facebook and share the page with your family, work colleagues and friends to spread the word.

Thanks for helping!

The Street by Street Team