Street by Street is a national project aiming to

turn streets into communities

and foster an Australia-wide network of neighbour groups.

If you are fortunate enough to live with a sense of community, where you know the people that live near you, share experiences and help one another, then you’ll probably agree, your life is richer for it. For many neighbourhoods though, this type of connection isn’t happening naturally. The Street by Street Project is here to help people build better connections with neighbours, so that more of us can feel a sense of community. We’d like to see connecting with neighbours become the norm across Australia, and for people to feel happier, safer and more supported as a result. We see regular, informal social get-togethers as the pathway to creating community.

Follow this link to learn more about how Street by Street works and follow the links below to start connecting!

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What people are saying about Street by Street…

“Thank you for your kind invite. It’s brilliant! I’ve been wanting to gather the neighbourhood for over 10 years now but never managed to get round to it. Such a great initiative!” – Jane, Sorrento Neighbour Group

“Thank you for your efforts in bringing people together. It’s the care and conversation we have with our neighbours that define the spirit of place. I look forward to the next gathering of neighbours.” Alex, Green Knoll Neighbours Group 

“I’ve been here several years but I still didn’t know many people in my area before today. This is great – I’ve learnt so much from the people I’ve met today.” Kathleen, Green Knoll Neighbours Group

“Our neighbour get togethers have included a progressive dinner, street clean-ups, a cake bake-off and a shared backyard garden blitz. They are fun and most of all have helped us feel more connected as a community.” Maureen, Hilton Street by Street Group

“We all connected well, sharing from the heart.” Julia, Glenelg East Neighbour Group