Neighbourhood Connect

Expanding St Kilda connections

As it was working so well in my building (see earlier blog post), I decided to connect with all the neighbours in my street – the Esplanade in St Kilda, Melbourne. A letter dropped invitation to everyone brought out some great people and we have been meeting in local cafes and getting to know one another over a drink or a meal. We all share a love for the area. My neighbour Lorraine has joined me in being a connector for the street and we are looking for people who will initiate gatherings within each building (as there are about 8 apartment buildings) in addition to our whole-of-street group. We have 49 people in the group so far. Ideas that are surfacing are approaching the council to improve lighting in a square, helping one another, sharing information on developments that will affect us, walking along the bay together and barbecues and picnics! I’ve been living here 5 years and now that I know my neighbours, it’s feeling more like home. I’ve helped my neighbours and they’ve helped me and we’ve enjoyed one another’s company – that’s what community is all about!