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Shani Graham Have a listen to inspiring community builder Shani Graham, from Western Australia, talk about what can be done in a street and what an amazing difference it can make:

Transition Network – For a comprehensive suite of material on developing an initiative and tools for developing the group’s vision, for building networks and publicising your group:

Shareable – You can sign up to their blog and see their Sharing Cities Toolkit. They have lots of fabulous ‘How To’ info:

Topics: Getting started, housing, food, family, communities, cities, transportation, money…. Here are a few links:

How to Plant a Habitat Garden at the Local Playground

How to Start a Neighborhood Work Group

How to Build a Better Neighborhood

How to Create Your Own Seed Lending Library

How to Make a Street Car free

How to Turn a Payphone Into a Library

How to Help Your Neighbors Go Solar

How to Design a Neighborhood for Happiness

How to Encourage Recycling in Your Neighborhood

10 Ways to Create Community in a Suburban ‘Hood

How to Kick Off a Shareable Spring

Bring Transition Town-Style Sharing Into Your Community

How to Make a Free Things Box

How to Host a Permablitz

10 Steps Toward an Incredible Edible Town

How to Build Thriving, Resilient Communities

How to Get the World Walking

Bank of Ideas – For a wealth of articles and presentations on community building; actions to build social capital; and for quotes and stories;;;;

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