Neighbourhood character, infrastructure and use of space

The Ballarat East Network – Supporting Neighbourhood Character in Ballarat East

The BE Net, in Victoria, has been developed by residents to support the community of Ballarat East shape this area by supporting sustainable, good design that reflects our Neighbourhood Character. Residents contribute to a blog about upcoming developments and can take action to protect the personality of Ballarat East. Residents can join groups – People for Pryor Park, Friends of Sparrow Ground, Friends of Lake Esmond and Ballarat Environment Network.


The Better Block project started in April, 2010 in the US, when a group of community organizers, neighbors, and property owners gathered together to revitalize a single commercial block in an underused neighborhood corridor. The area was filled with vacant properties, wide streets, and few amenities for people who lived within walking distance. The group brought together all of the resources from the community and converted the block into a walkable, bikeable neighborhood destination for people of all ages complete with bike lanes, cafe seating, trees, plants, pop-up businesses, and lighting. The project was developed to show the city how the block could be revived and improve area safety, health, and economics if ordinances that restricted small business and multi-modal infrastructure were removed. Since that time, Better Block projects have been developed throughout the World with many of the temporary infrastructure improvements and businesses made permanent. Better Blocks Australian Tour video


Residents 3000 Inc is a community incorporated association promoting the wellbeing, amenity and environment of Melbourne CBD residents. We consult with the Melbourne City Council and other Government agencies.


 parkingPARK(ing) Day Providing temporary public open space . . . one parking spot at a time.

PARK(ing) Day is a annual open-source global event where citizens, artists and activists collaborate to temporarily transform metered parking spaces into “PARK(ing)” spaces: temporary public places.


Further information on neighbourhood design and transformation

CoDesign has developed a kit with loads of ideas for how to identify what’s attractive and positive about your neighbourhood, what the problems might be and what you can do to make it better (chalk/string/witches hats/games/pop up places/singing…)

Rapid Urban Revitalisation Toolkit Codesign

Projects for Public Spaces