Disaster prevention and response

Badger Creek Fireguard Group (Vic)

We set up a Fireguard group in 2009 and this has led to annual social parties before each fire season.  Our street has a great community feel, exchanging home grown produce often with others. When we first set up we had a fire guard community facilitator who helped us identify areas of concern around our houses.  Our Fire Guard facilitator is only temporary and moves on deliberately so that groups can stand alone.  One of the ideas was a phone tree – however we’ve had opportunities to use this but it has not worked.  I think people get too busy in the moment and it’s the last thing one would think of.  I think this experience is shared in many bush fire prone areas.  The reason for forming a group was to be of mutual advantage – of course.  Knowing neighbours can be a comfort when faced with danger like bushfire.