Neighbourhood Connect
At Neighbourhood Connect, we believe that living in a connected neighbourhood makes us feel happier, safer and more supported, so we’re creating a movement to bring back that lovin’ feeling across Australia!

If you’ve ever been part of a friendly neighbourhood that made you feel like you belonged, count yourself amongst the lucky ones.  Research has found that one in four adults experience loneliness and our busy lifestyles mean fewer of us know and trust our neighbours than ever before.

We make it easy for you to kick off a gathering of neighbours. We provide free resources–ideas, examples, tools–plus encouragement and support along the way. Groups are informal, fun and can connect over a range of activities: chats over coffee, or a meal, sharing stories and music, organising clean ups and gardening, lending a hand when needed…just about anything that suits the group!

Relax, there are no costs involved – we are a not-for-profit group who genuinely believe in the value of connected neighbourhoods. We’re also a friendly bunch and would love to chat with you.

“I am mightily impressed with the Neighbourhood Connect initiative – it’s a particularly good example of the positive action that can be taken to help people make meaningful connections in their neighbourhoods.”   

Hugh Mackay AO Social Researcher and Author

Welcome to Neighbourhood Connect! By Irene Opper, National Manager

Get Involved
There are many ways to get involved in the Neighbourhood Connect Movement.  Kick off a neighbourhood event or start a group, join the network with your established group, volunteer or support us!
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Neighbourhood Connect
Start a Group
Are you keen to build a more connected neighbourhood where you live? The Neighbourhood Connect project team is here to help support you to connect with your neighbours by providing free resources – ideas, examples, tools, encouragement and support.
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Neighbourhood Connect
Our Network
The Neighbourhood Connect Network brings together neighbourhood groups started with the support of Neighbourhood Connect and established groups across Australia, all part of a movement to create happier, more connected neighbourhoods. Membership is free and open to all like-minded groups.
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Acknowledgement to Country We acknowledge that we are living on Aboriginal land and acknowledge the traditional owners of this land. We pay our respects to Aboriginal Elders past and present.