Supporting Street by Street groups

Many community organisations and some government agencies have goals that align with our vision of building strong local communities by promoting neighbourliness. They may want to support community building activities.

We invite organisations to be a Partner in the project. There are no membership fees.

Partners can play an active role in the development of a local Street by Street group in several ways:

  1. by supporting residents who want to start a group
  2. by identifying (and encouraging) local residents to become community connectors of a Street by Street group
  3. by hosting an initial meeting of neighbours and then calling for community connectors.

We don’t recommend that agencies take on the role of leading a Street by Street group as residents are not likely to feel ownership of the group and the group may be swayed by the agency’s priorities. There’s nothing wrong with making suggestions to a group, as long as they are free to decide whether to take them up or not.

We hope that this project will bring together all those people and organisations wanting to see connected, vibrant communities.

Download the Community Partner Kit for further information on how to support local groups.

For general information download the Street by Street Participant Kit