What is the role of the Community Connector/s?

Community Connectors are those willing to make it all happen – inviting others, making them welcome, organising. Ideally, a team of two or three Connectors working together is best.

As a Community Connector of a neighbourhood group, your role is, first, to invite your neighbours to a simple, social gathering. We have a sample invitation for you. At the first gathering, you’ll gauge the interest of your neighbours in forming a group for ongoing connection and discuss the type of activities you’d like to do together.

In a nutshell, the role of the Community Connector is to inspire engagement. It’s a question of listening to people, drawing out their strengths, and helping to translate ideas into action. You will be planting seeds and bringing up possibilities for the group and encouraging others to share their ideas.

As the group matures, you might also help to motivate the group, encourage others to take ownership of the group or particular activities, and keep people focused on the goals and actions that have been committed to. Ideally, you ensure that good records are kept of the group’s progress and experience, that your group reflects on progress from time to time, solves any problems, plans ahead and participates in evaluation.

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