Neighbourhood Connect

Become a Supporter

We rely on committed volunteers, but financial or in-kind support would enable us to have paid staff and capacity to pay for our operations, promotion and support activities. In-kind support could remove the barrier of access to printing of invitations for local groups, enable us to develop our IT systems and bring our Connectors together.

We welcome in-kind or financial support from individuals, businesses and organisations who wish to support more connected neighbourhoods.

Examples of in-kind support include photocopying, pro-bono professional services, use and catering of venues, pro-bono professional services, etc.

Examples of financial support include once-off donations, monthly donations, grants, legacies, etc.

If you see the value of having the social infrastructure of neighbour groups, wish to work with us to combat loneliness and social isolation, while building resilient, connected communities, perhaps you would like to support Neighbourhood Connect or know people and organisations who would?

If you’d like to explore ways of supporting us please call 0413 706 233 or email us at

If you are from an organisation that shares our values, helps people connect locally in person and/or promotes stronger communities and positive mental health, we’d like to be ‘Friends‘ with you. There are so many great ways to create community in neighbourhoods, and a connected neighbourhoods movement includes all of them. Read about the great things our Friends are doing.

If your organisation would like to be a “Friend” and/or would like to explore ways of supporting us please call 0413 706 233 or email us at

Together, let’s build a connected neighbourhoods movement across Australia.