Friends and Supporters


There are so many great ways to create community in neighbourhoods, and a connected neighbourhoods movement includes all of them. Our friends, listed below, do fabulous things that bring people together locally. If your organisation would like to link with us, please contact us.


ttm-logoThe Town Team Movement helps town teams to organise, engage and empower their local communities.

Town teams are groups of businesses and residents working proactively with their local government to create active, resilient and successful places.

Find out more at There are several Town Teams in Western Australia.




Love Our Street aims to bring people together as a community to look after our environment, to keep our streets beautifully clean and stop litter getting into our creeks, canals, on to the beach or in the ocean. Once a month, we meet at one of our local shopping streets for a clean-up and a cuppa afterwards. There are several Love Our Street groups in Melbourne. For more info or Facebook



unnamed-5image1-2Beach Patrol, through the power of local resident members and community spirit, is helping to clean the beaches of Melbourne. Beach Patrol is a chain of volunteer community groups each defined by suburb, post code and t-shirt colour. People donate one hour of their time each month to help keep the beaches cleaner and safer for the greater enjoyment of all. For more info