About us

The Centre for Civil Society, since its establishment in 2007, has brought residents, social innovators, community builders and policy-makers together in several forums to explore how community life in local neighbourhoods can be re-invigorated on a large scale. This has resulted in the establishment of the Street by Street Project. Please note that Street by Street has no political or religious affiliations.

Delivering the project

Street by Street receives no funding at present and is delivered by a passionate voluntary project team based in 4 States.

Social infrastructure

The need for social infrastructure at the neighbourhood level, and the life-changing benefits of living in a connected community, have been long proven. However, despite some outstanding exceptions, many Australians live in neighbourhoods that do not offer vibrant opportunities for neighbours to do things with and for each other.

Neighbourhood groups and the processes of community development are not new. Around the world and around Australia there are wonderful examples of communities coming together to create meaningful opportunities for sharing, laughing, learning, supporting and helping one another in their day to day lives. The Street by Street model offers a framework to make it easier for people to build local connections and develop a greater sense of community.


Our vision is that all over Australia, people will connect with their neighbours, help one another and make amazing things happen, street by street.


We expect that involvement in Street by Street neighbourhood groups will:
1. Strengthen relationships between neighbours
2. Make a positive difference to the lives of neighbours who participate
3. Increase social and practical support amongst neighbours
4. Contribute to safer, healthier and more connected communities

Everyone benefits from community life – older people can stay in their homes longer if neighbours give them a hand, people with a disability are included, people with a social life suffer less from depression and social isolation and safety is improved when neighbours look out for you and your property.

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